Why Choose AutoPot Watering Systems?

AutoPot Watering Systems and Cultivation Consultancy has been created to help support and advise the increase in demand for outdoor and indoor commercial crop production. In recent years, many companies have recognized the benefits of commercial production, whether under artificial lighting or under glass, with more new investors entering an increasingly popular market, we decided to create a dedicated consultancy that would help support and advise new companies on

both growing methods, indoors and outdoors in conjunction with our irrigation technology. We are fully confident that once businesses are aware of our irrigation technology the choice will be quite straightforward…. Growing in AutoPot Watering Systems is simple, streamlined and highly productive.

The consultancy is overseen by Jason S Ralph-Smith who is the designer of the AutoPot Watering Systems technology, he is also a director of AutoPot Watering Systems USA and the owner and Managing Director of the UK division AutoPot Global Ltd, which has been trading for over 15 years and supplies its products to over 50 countries around the globe. Jason’s knowledge, especially in commercial crop production is vast, he has been a horticulturalist for over 25 years. 15 years ago he was regarded as one of the foremost experts in the up and coming US indoor horticultural market, now 15 years later his knowledge is proving to be invaluable and extensive. Working alongside Jason is Marcel Palm, Paul Milner and Dan Gulliver.

Marcel Palm is a Director of AutoPot Watering Systems USA and has vast knowledge in both Horticulture and Business. Marcel has been running the US division – AutoPot Watering Systems USA – since September 2013 and has very quickly created a huge demand for our irrigation technology throughout the US and Canada.

Paul Milner and Dan Gulliver are both Directors of the UK Division. Paul has been part of AutoPot Watering Systems since its conception and carries a wealth of knowledge in 

Logistics and Sales. Dan has held positions in the Horticultural sector at retail, wholesale and manufacturer level for a decade. Both have been integral to the growth of the company in both the UK and overseas markets.

Our vast knowledge over many years in the horticulture business provides us with a huge advantage over our competitors, as we are not simply a company selling an irrigation system we also provide quality understandable advice. Our advice does not stop once the system is sold, we continually support our growers. We remove the uncertainty and alleviate any potential issues by helping with all horticultural aspects. Offering this facility has already proved invaluable as many business we have dealt with over the years have been new ventures, sometimes with little commercial crop production knowledge. With our continual help we very quickly assist in making them streamlined and profitable. All start-up ventures need support when entering into a new market. We are fully confident that with our technology and unparalleled advice and knowledge they will be a success.

What we Offer:

  • Complete turnkey Growing Operation from Stock Plant Area to Production Areas
  • CAD 2D platform to help create growing areas or plant layouts of any size or shape
  • Full horticultural back-up support
  • Flexible consultancy packages to suit all business models
  • Free Skype advice service
  • Unrivalled horticultural knowledge
  • Over 25 years of experience in horticulture, in over 50 countries

Advantages and Benefits:

  1. All of our watering systems operate without the need for power, pumps or timers. Straight away this offers a huge saving in power consumption.
  2. Our watering systems ONLY require simple gravity pressure from a reservoir of any size to function.
  3. AutoPot Watering Systems are the only systems in the world that allow the plants to be in control of their own requirements. This simply means that each plant in each tray will control its own watering and feeding requirements, in conjunction with the AQUAvalve.
  4. No water or fertilizer is ever wasted, every drop supplied to each plant is consumed, AutoPot Watering Systems have proved that its technology saves between 40-45% of all water and fertilizer used. No other irrigation system can boast this claim. Our irrigation technology has been proven to be one of the most water and nutrient efficient irrigation systems worldwide.
  5. Hand Watering is undoubtedly the most common method of irrigating plants worldwide, this can be very time consuming and is not efficient when considering a business in commercial crop production. AutoPot Watering Systems will
    supply water and fertilizer to plants only when they require it. In case studies

where previous clients have traditionally hand watered, we have shown that
human intervention and knowledge are not as accurate as the plant itself. One
case study revealed that a grower who had been watering his plants by hand for
20 years and watered his plants every day with 20 gallons of water and fertilizer, quickly discovered that his plants were actually consuming over 40 gallons per
day after switching his entire operation over to AutoPot Watering Systems he had unknowingly been under watering his plants for 20 years. In turn he increased his production by over 30% and reduced his workload by 80%. The most common problem with hand watering is how much and how often to feed, with the outcome often resulting in under watering or over watering. Using AutoPot Watering Systems these issues are completely removed.

6. All AutoPot Watering Systems are modular. Each unit or tray can be positioned
at will and can be moved or re-positioned at any stage. Any system size can be created, any system can also be extended or increased at any time. This allows for total flexibility when growing with AutoPot Watering Systems.

7. Feeding Versatility – Mineral feeding or organic feeding, AutoPot Watering systems can cater for both. If mineral feeding is decided as the choice of supplying the plants with food, the fertilizer is simply added to the water in the reservoir at the

correct rates. So every time a plant requires water it will also receive the correct amount of nutrients. We strongly advise that if using mineral fertilizers that a water sample is collected, this water sample can then be tested and a reputable nutrient manufacturer can then create a clean fertilizer suitable for the plants in question. If the grower decides to grow organically then a suitable time release spike or tablet can be used in each pot, the grower then simply fills the supply reservoir with water.

8. Unlike many other automated watering systems that require constant re- calibration of the nutrient solution to amend pH and ppm levels. AutoPot Watering Systems reservoirs never need to be re-calibrated as the water does not recirculate. This ensures that the correct ppm and pH are supplied to the plants every time they require nutrient enriched water. As the water only ever travels in one direction – from the supply reservoir to the trays – the potential spread of disease is greatly reduced. In recirculating systems if one plant has a disease it’s highly likely that others will also inherit the disease, potentially destroying the entire crop