The Grove, Nevada

The Grove is a cultivation facility and dispensary in Las Vegas. The Grove is a cultivation facility and dispensary in Las Vegas. This pioneering project is one of the most environmentally conscious, advanced indoor grow facility’s in the world; utilising LED lighting to reduce electricity and HVAC expenditure, a dual level racking system to maximise canopy square footage and AutoPot Watering Systems to optimise their irrigation, eliminate waste water and reduce staff workload.

  • 4700x 6.6gallon AutoPot XL modules automatically irrigate their plants
  • 700x Heliospectra lights illuminate the plants at all stages
  • High Density Cultivation System with sliding shelving units maximises canopy square footage
  • So-Hum 100% Organic Soil only requires RO water for the full plant cycle
  • Facility produces 28 different strains for their own dispensaries

Dual-level racking effectively doubles production output, each flowering room houses a thousand plants